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Are you frightened?

Does the idea of having a baby or becoming a parent fill you with a sense of fear and foreboding?  I would like to reassure you that this is completely natural.  Yes, you are normal and yes, you can do something about it.  As much as it is normal to feel this way, there is also no need for you to carry this heavy weight around with you (apologies for the pun if you are pregnant!).  Fortunately in this society there are options.  Predictably, I am going to recommend myself as one route you could take for you to invest some time in education for you to approach these experiences with joy and a sense of excitement.  Can't miss out on an opportunity to plug my services! Ha ha.  But I can't deny that there are other ways you can alleviate the pressure on yourself and here are a few suggestions you may wish to try:-

  • Avoid negative conversations regarding your concerns - this could be person-to-person, watching tv/internet, online forums or literature.  Choose positive conversations, politely deferring those horror stories and read positive literature (I can certainly give you some suggestions if you are stuck for ideas).
  • Choose friends and people you spend time with who uplift you ie make you feel good about yourself.  Limit time or avoid completely, those who don't.
  • Seek out people who have had good experiences and generally have good advice to offer so looking for solutions rather than sympathy.  For every perceived problem there is a positive approach and something to be learned.
  • Be concious of the quality time you give to yourself to really relax and unwind; it's not being selfish it's taking care of yourself.  If treating yourself to a massage, meditation, therapy session or just taking time out to stare at the clouds helps you to feel a better person then everyone around you will benefit. So whether it's taking small amounts of time each day focussing on your breath or attending a class several times a week; do not underestimate the effect this will have on your life - for the better.
  • Be aware of which foods and drinks affect your moods.  Some will uplift you and others will leave you feeling low on energy and sometimes bring out negative emotions such as anger.  I know for myself that if I eat processed sugar it makes me feel angry - took me a while to make this connection but I am aware of it now so avoid whenever I can.  That moment of pleasure is not worth for me.  You may also know already just by reading this which foods trigger negative emotions/feelings.

You may be wondering how these suggestions could possibly make childbirth or being a parent easier.  Simply, being less stressed and feeling physically good will bring about a better experience, no matter what is occurring in your life.  Trust me, I know from experience with birthing my own children and striving to be the best parent I can be in any given moment.  It all feels a lot worse when I don't spend time with the right people, give time to myself, eat the foods that are right for me and exercise.


Hope that has given you some food for thought - I'm off again with those puns!  If it has been helpful - send me a message and tell me how.  I would love to hear from you.


Teresa x

11 Jun 2016

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HypnoBirthing Classes

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Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Do you feel prepared for conception, pregnancy and birth?

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