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Birth Trauma

Coping with traumatic birth experiences

The term 'post-traumatic stress' was first coined after the Vietnam War to describe the symptoms suffered by soldiers after they left the war zone. But women who have had a traumatic birth where they suffered severe pain, terror, loss of control and perhaps health complications for them and their baby can also suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Women affected in this way find they are constantly re-living the experience - a bit like a film playing continually on a loop. They may have trouble sleeping, and when they do fall asleep they may suffer nightmares linked to their bad birth experience. They can suffer panic attack and severe anxiety and their ability to bond with their new baby and cope with everyday life suffers.

Perhaps the baby needed special care and mum is haunted by guilt and a deep, unresolved sadness that somehow it was her fault.

Hypnotherapy techniques can release these painful and negative emotions sometimes in only one session.  This type of help is not currently available from your midwives, health visitors or on the NHS - and just talking it through with friends and family, however supportive they are, will not help you put the experience behind you in the way that hypnosis can.

The benefits of hypnotherapy can also help mums who may not have suffered the same level of trauma, but whose birth did not go as planned.  If you had your heart set on a drug-free natural birth, but complications meant you needed a lot of medical intervention - perhaps an unplanned Caesarean section - you can suffer grief for the birth experience you feel was stolen from you.

If this has been your experience, and you are now planning a subsequent child, then my HypnoBirthing┬« Mongan Method Course can help you put this behind you and prepare for a better and happier birth.

Medical interventions and pain relief are often essential, life-saving steps. HypnoBirthing® techniques can help you cope calmly and positively with whatever happens during pregnancy and labour and give you the best chance of the 'best' birth possible for you and your child. If you feel calm and in control then the outcome will always be better than if you are panic-stricken and fearful. My courses will give you essential details about the changes that happen to your body in pregnancy and labour which make it easier to understand what is happening and help you to stay calm.

HypnoBirthing Classes

HypnoBirthing Classes

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Satisfaction Guarantee!

Satisfaction Guarantee!

Do you feel prepared for conception, pregnancy and birth?

Do you feel prepared for conception, pregnancy and birth?

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